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Averin Anton Yur'evich, Senior lecturer, sub-department of economics and finances, deputy dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), E-mail:  

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Background. Currently, the state program for the development of agriculture until 2020 is at the final stage of implementation. Since 2021, a new document should enter into force, which will determine the direction of development of the industry for several years to come. In the new version of the main document on support of agriculture should remain measures that are aimed at improving the efficiency of the sector, and not to stimulate inefficient financial investments. At the next stage of development of the industry, it is important to increase the competitiveness of products, which will guarantee the intensive development of foreign markets. The aim of the study is to identify the main factors that can have a significant impact on the level of adaptability of the implementation of the new model of state support for the agro-industrial complex of the Russian Federation to the upcoming changes.
Materials and methods. The priority in the framework of this study is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of internal and external factors affecting the further development of agriculture in the Russian Federation in the medium term. An objective assessment of the level of functional and institutional readiness of the system of state support of agricultural insurance for the upcoming changes is important. To do this, it is necessary to take into account the consolidated expert opinion of the majority of stakeholders on the problems and prospects of development of the system of state subsidies for agricultural insurance: the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of Finance, regional Executive authorities of the Russian Federation, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the National Union of agricultural insurers. The study is based on a critical assessment of the quality of functioning of the system of state support of agriculture in accordance with the provisions of the Federal law of 25.07.2011 №260-FZ "on state support in the field of agricultural insurance and amendments to the Federal law "on the development of agriculture" on the basis of a comparative analysis of statistical data on the actual volume of insurance services and indicators of agricultural development in the Russian Federation with the planned values laid down in the state program of state support.
Results. The study conducted a preliminary assessment of the degree of readiness of the existing system of state support of agricultural insurance of the agro - industrial sector of the Russian economy to a radical change in the vector of developmentfrom quantity to quality. Most of the indicators of the current state program until 2020 are aimed at increasing gross production. Many enterprises of the agricultural sector of the Russian economy as a priority consider the achievement of quantitative indicators (volume of production), rather than quality (product quality, attractiveness for the end user, the level of competitiveness). Over the past period, no major activities aimed at preparing the Foundation for the creation of a quality resource base (primarily legal, technical, institutional and financial) and changes in the approach (level of thinking) of end producers have been carried out. It is reasonable to conclude that the existing state support mechanism, which is aimed at promoting the quantitative implementation of the gross agricultural output indicators, is low in adaptability, but not at protecting investments in improving its quality and the level of technical equipment of agricultural producers..
Insights. On the basis of the study it was concluded that the lack of a high level of readiness of the system of state support as the main tool of resource support for the implementation of intensive factors to improve the quality and competitiveness of the agricultural sector of the Russian economy in the first place due to the lack of adequate and equivalent in scale and nature of the risks of the system of support and protection of agricultural producers in the face of the upcoming serious challenges within the new priorities of the development of the segment of agriculture of the Russian Federation, aimed at increasing the level of competitiveness and quality of Russian agricultural products in the world agricultural markets. The analytical base formed in the course of the work serves as a qualitative material for further study by the task force, which will be formed at the highest government level to summarize the implementation of the Strategy 2020 and develop new priorities for the development of certain areas of the economy in the medium term. 

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agricultural sector, food security, agricultural insurance, competitiveness 

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